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5 Essential Tips For Starting a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Business Account Starter Tips


5 Starter Pinterest Tips for Businesses in 2024

    Maybe you started a Pinterest business account many years ago and abandoned it because you were overwhelmed. Maybe you’re coming to Pinterest brand new. Either way, these quick 5 tips from an account manager with a lot of experience will hopefully help. 

1 - Create Pinterest Boards that mirror the categories of your site. 


     One thing that I have seen businesses & bloggers get hung up on is board creation when getting their Pinterest account going. The easiest way to attack this is to create boards that mirror the content categories of your website. 

    For instance, the examples shown below I used the specific categories of my client’s website to lay out the boards on their corresponding Pinterest page. 

    If you have a recipe blog, for instance, each of the boards on Pinterest can match the recipe categories from your site. Likewise if you have a shop, each product category can be represented. This will not only make getting pins made that match your site’s content a bit more frictionless, but will benefit potential customers to your site from Pinterest  if the boards they’ve already looked at reflect your site’s content.

2 - Claim your URL using Pinterest’s process


    To get them out of the analytics Pinterest provides businesses, you’ll want to claim your website. This is a fairly simple process, but might be a tad technical for some. You will need to have access to your websites source code & must add a small piece of code provided by Pinterest. You can read more here: If you don’t have a web developer who can help, I can be hired here: .

3 - Make pins that for your content that adhere to Pinterest’s preferred dimensions.


    If you’ve visited Pinterest at all, you may have noticed that there is a certain style & aesthetic that is part of the platform. To really have any success there, the first step is making graphics (i.e. ‘pins’) in this style. This is a generally a 2x3 aspect ratio (1000x1500). Idea Pins & video pins can also adhere to a 1080x1920 size. You can really make all of your pins in this size (except for Carousel Pins) even a tad longer if you choose. The shortest size you should go with though is 1000x1500, if your want their algorithm to potentially include your content.  

    Another benefit of using 1080x1920 as a size is that is also the size of Instagram graphics, so you make be able to easily double post some content created among both platforms!

4 - Find a balance between posting quality & quantity


    You may read many different opinions about how many pins a day or week you should post to grow your Pinterest account. In my opinion your strive for a balance between quality & quantity. If you do this and also take into account posting a variety of pins in the three Pinterest styles (static, video, & carousel) I think you can cover you bases pretty well with about 30 pins a month. This turns out to about a pin a day. Posting this amount keeps your content super fresh. Posting in all three Pinterest styles helps you in the algorithm & gives you a good amount of analytics to help aid in further content creation.


5 - Set aside a small budget for Promoted Pins


    Having been on Pinterest over 10 years professionally I have seen the platform change a great deal. While it used to possible to see a lot of growth strictly by posting new content regularly & engaging with groups or other accounts in your niche, that strategy isn’t as proven as it used to be. 

    Ultimately, as Pinterest has gotten more popular, standing out above the noise has gotten harder. As such, Promoted Pins (the Pinterest phrase for ‘ads’) have become more important to get your business noticed & grow your account. 

    The good thing is that in my experience a very small budget (even $50-$100 a month) can yield very useful results. The other really amazing things about Promoted Pins is that one aspect of Pinterest is that users ‘save’ pins they like. This is how brands & pins go viral on the platform. When you run certain kinds of Promoted Pins you can get lots of saves of users like your content. This can lead to evegreen pins that live way beyond the original budget of your Promoted Pin campaign… which is something no other social media marketing really gives you!

    Of course, there’s a lot more to becoming a complete Pinterest sensation,  but these 5 keys are great foundation to seeing results quickly & making the platform worth the effort. 


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