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Welcome to the Pinpals blog!

Hi there! My name is Eric & you’ve found the Pinpals blog. Here you’ll find ideas, tips, inspiration, & help to making the most of your businesse's Pinterest account.

 I have been helping brands develop their Pinterest accounts for over 10 years. In that time I have about seen & done on the platform. 

This has included: 
* Creating accounts for companies from scratch 
* Themed board creation to promote their content 
* Making & scheduling pins monthly for clients 
* Creating custom video pins 
* Group Board research, outreach, & engagement 
* Multi-slide ‘Idea Pin’ & Carousel Pin creation 
* & so much more 

As such, with so much experience I’ve created this blog as a resource to share some my knowledge with others. The blog will include:

*Pro Pinterest tips & tricks
*Case studies
*Showcases of niche accounts that are doing things right
*Free Pinterest pin templates & useful assets
* Hashtag ideas 
* & of course, more! 

Hopefully through my years of successes & even some failures, I can share some stuff on the blog here that will be a help to others. 


 PS: I am available for hire via Fiverr if you need some Pinterest work done on your account. You can see my gigs here:


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5 Essential Tips For Starting a Pinterest Business Account

  5 Starter Pinterest Tips for Businesses in 2024      Maybe you started a Pinterest business account many years ago and abandoned it because you were overwhelmed. Maybe you’re coming to Pinterest brand new. Either way, these quick 5 tips from an account manager with a lot of experience will hopefully help.  1 - Create Pinterest Boards that mirror the categories of your site.             One thing that I have seen businesses & bloggers get hung up on is board creation when getting their Pinterest account going. The easiest way to attack this is to create boards that mirror the content categories of your website.        For instance, the examples shown below I used the specific categories of my client’s website to lay out the boards on their corresponding Pinterest page.       If you have a recipe blog, for instance, each of the boards on Pinterest can match the recipe categories from your site. Likewise if you have a shop, each product category can be represented. This will not onl

Static Pinterest Pin Sizes Guide for 2023

In the Pinterest world of video pins, idea pins, & more, static or ‘regular’ pins are still the best preforming pins for my clients. Pinterest’s algorithm tends to push their preferred content sizes to the top of searches. As such, you’ll want to make sure your pins are make in those sizes.   Here’s a quick guide to the best sizes for static pins in 2023.   1. Board Cover Pins. While most pins on Pinterest should always be long, vertical or portrait by nature, the main pin that promotes each board on your account is one of the exceptions.   Board Cover Pins are square in nature. For optimal quality 2024x2024 is the best size. Here’s an example of optimized Board Cover Pins I did for a client (zoom room).  2. General Static Pins. On a day-to-day basis the most common graphic you will want to make to promote your content is 1000x1500 (or 2x3). This size can also be used for multi-slide ‘Carousel Pins’ that Pinterest lets you make to promote your content on their platform.   3. W